Finding/correcting non-linked listens

Sorry if I’m missing something obvious, but I’ve been poking around and couldn’t find an answer. Is there a way to search for just listens that are not linked in order to link them manually? Whether through the website or via API?

Some background - a couple months ago I started to clean up my old scrobbles, but on it’s all gui/userscript stuff - very slow going. I’d rather focus on listenbrainz and delete Would love to fix up all of the typos, mismatches, etc. But going through 250k+ listens manually is… a lot. Not saying I won’t do it :sweat_smile:.

There is the Settings > Missing Data page. I think it is limited to a certain number, but it will give you something to work on.


Nice, good place to start (also a great way to delete all the youtube content I accidentally submit). Hopefully there’s also API endpoints I can use for searching for other bad data at some point - anything to wean me off