Find the recording artists for a work using the API

I am wondering on the most efficient way to query the API for the following scenario.

On the site, I can search for the wonderwall work (eg. see Search Results - MusicBrainz)
This displays the search results page, with the Wonderwall work, and lists artists next to it such as Oasis, Ryan Adams etc.

When using the API, it does not seem possible to perform a search for a work and also include the artists who have made recordings. For example, the following: Wonderwall
This gives me a list of works which match, but to get the artists for each of the works, I need to do a lookup on every single work (multiple queries), eg. Wonderwall

What Iā€™m asking is, is there a way to get the list of works (that match a query), and the associated recording artists using the API, in a single call?

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Try this if it works for you