Find all recordings of a set of artists and problem with l_artist_recording relation

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Hi all,

I want to extract all recordings of several specific artist. For that I loaded the musicbrainz database on a local postgresql instance using mbdata (

I tried the following command but it did not work :

select, from recording, l_artist_recording, artist where AND and‘Nekfeu’;

Indeed, I noticed that the number of rows in the table recordings is different than in l_artist_recording. So this mean that we do not have the information of the artist for all recordings right ?

Do someone know why this is the case ? Or maybe I did not understand correctly the database schema ? Do you know how I can answer my question ?

Thank you

I assume you want recordings “credited to” several specific artists, you should then use the tables artist_credit and artist_credit_name, see database schema, instead of l_artist_recording which is for more specific relationship types only.

For example:

FROM recording
JOIN artist_credit ac ON = recording.artist_credit
JOIN artist_credit_name acn ON acn.artist_credit =
JOIN artist ON = acn.artist
WHERE = 'Nekfeu'

Oh ok I had not understood l_artist_recording correctly. Your command works thanks !