Film Content (not MV, concerts etc) Being Submitted to MusicBrainz?

I’ve stumbled across this entry:

It’s a nicely detailed submission however it looks to be not really music related, instead being general filmed content (like y’know a movie, short film etc) and then they’ve linked various recordings that appear in it?

Is this allowed? Surely this would be more suited for FilmBrainz if ever such a thing arrived?



I’ve always thought that the future of MB is having much more game/movie-only releases. If we want to track and store data about composers and musicians then scoring films etc can be an important and interesting part of that career, and film dates and all that let us display that career. MB is still extremely ‘music release’ based which is great for tagging, but has it’s limitations.

This particular release is interesting :thinking:

It does have original music composed for it (by the looks of it?) so I think it’s great to have that stored. Plus sound engineer etc.

On the other hand, I’m not sure about all the actor credits! Personally I wouldn’t spend the time removing those, but there’s I’m sure there’s a good case to be made that they don’t belong.

(I have linked the original editor to this post fyi)

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in my opinion, if it’s a musical film, it’s ok! the problem is, it’s hard to define in the guidelines what to add and what not to add.

this release group is a docuseries, which also contains live performances, but this documentary is by the same artist, and has not been added to musicbrainz because it’s just a film about music.

i did add a film before, because it also has an album, but that can be countered, too. for example, the movie shrek has several supporting releases, but i don’t see anyone ever adding the film to musicbrainz.

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I could see a benefit to having a release (maybe with no medium?) for purposes of the recording → release Samples relationship. for example, say a recording includes a non-musical sample from a movie (and a game, in this particular case). wouldn’t have to do it this way, and I don’t want to turn MusicBrainz into MovieBrainz by adding every movie like this, but it’s an idea…

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