Filerenaming/Scripting help

I would like my folder/file to look like these

Radiohead - In Rainbows [DSF 1bit DSD128][2007] / 01 - 15 Step

Astronautalis - Cut The Body Loose [MP3 16bit 44.1khz][2016] / 01 - Kurt Cobain

So far my script is

%artist% - %album%[%_extension% %_bits_per_sample% %_sample_rate%][%originalyear%]/%_paddedtracknumber% - %title%

and I got this

Cat Stevens - Mona Bone Jakon[flac 24 96000][1970] / This part is right

I also have


in my scripting section

I’m not sure why FLAC didn’t capitalize and I’m not sure how to make 96000 turn into 96.

Thanks for any help

%_extension% as well as %_bits_per_sample% and %_sample_rate% are special variables for attributes of the audio file and as this are not available in the scripting. The scripting is applied to data loaded from MB on the right and there are no files available at that time.

Use the $upper(%_extension%) directly in you naming script.

To show 96 instead of 96000 for the sample rate, try


With ‘.’

($div(%_sample_rate%,1000)$if($ne($mod(%_sample_rate%,1000),0),.$left($mod(%_sample_rate%,1000),1)) kHz
,%_bits_per_sample% bit)

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