File renaming script question about special tag

My aiff audio files contain a catalog number, only Picard calls it ‘Comment [Catalog Number]’ (or ‘comment:Catalog Number’ in the Edit Tag dialog box.) So what’s the proper syntax to include this tag to rename the file in my script? I tried %comment%%catalognumber% and
%comment%[%catalognumber%] and %comment%:%catalognumber% and %commend:[catalog number], etc… I can’t seem to find it. Thanks for any help.

When Picard names it like this the tag are stored inside a comment field with the description “Catalog Number”. You can see the internal name Picard uses when editing the value of the field via the Edit Tag dialog which you can reach via the contexteni of the metadata view. The internal name should be comment:Catalog Number

Because the name contains spaces you can’t use the percentage notation to get the tag’s value. Instead use $get:

$get(comment:Catalog Number)

That’s just what I needed. Thanks much!