File Permissions Issues For Piccard Created Files


I am running MusicBrainz Piccard on Mint Linux 17.2 and using Plex for my media management. I have noticed that I have to go in and manually adjust the file permissions to Read Only for “Others” after Piccard creates files via the tagging process. I can’t figure out how to get MusicBrainz Piccard to create files with permissions that can picked up by Plex. Is there anything I can do within Piccard to change this, or am I stuck doing this manually each time I tag files?


Picard has no such option to set specific permissions on files, though you may achieve the desired behavior using umask.

If you think Picard should have an option to enforce permissions at write time, please create a ticket in
Please explain clearly your setup, rename or/and move files while tagging, etc…