File naming help to itunes folder structure

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Hello, I am looking to better organize my folders and files. I am looking to rename and organize them as similar as possible to the default itunes scheme.

C:\MBP\Artist1\Album1\01 TrackTitle.ext
C:\MBP\Artist1\Album1\02 TrackTitle.ext
C:\MBP\Artist1\Album1\03 TrackTitle.ext
C:\MBP\Artist1\Album1\04 TrackTitle.ext

Currently albums that have multiple artists on a track are sorting per their own folder like

Art1\Album1\01 TrackTitle.ext
Art1 + Art2\Album1\02 TrackTitle.ext
Art1 & Art2\Album1\03 TrackTitle.ext
Art1 feat. Art2\Album1\04 TrackTitle.ext

Thanks for any help

If you use the tag %albumartist% or %albumartistsort% instead of %artist%, you’ll keep the albums together. Check out this thread for some ideas on how to construct a file naming script: