File group by eponymous member

Since we now have an ‘eponymous’ flag for group member relationships, I’d like to use that to file albums credited to the group in the same folder as albums credited to the eponymous member (leader). For instance, “Duke Ellington” and “Duke Ellington & His Orchestra” releases both would go in the “Duke Ellington” folder. Has anyone implemented anything like that?

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Yes. Some time ago, I converted all the credits for “Henry Mancini and His Orchestra” and “Henry Mancini, His Orchestra and Chorus” into artist credits. I created “The Henry Mancini Orchestra” and “The Henry Mancini Chorus” and I used artist credits to combine them where necessary. Now everything by Mancini shows up on his discography.

I notice that “The Duke Ellington Orchestra” and “Duke Ellington’s Washingtonians” already exist, so that part’s already done.

Hmm, that’s an interesting approach, but I’m not sure how you would apply it to say the David Murray Quartet, David Murray Big Band, and all the other variations of sessions that Murray has led.

What I would like, ideally, is to use the ‘eponymous member of’ to identify all of David Murray’s various groups and file them in a single “David Murray” folder. It’s a Picard question more than a MB page display question; I think under your Mancini approach you’d still need a way to identify the artist of record.

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