Fetching ISRCs from Spotify

I mean I can’t push the ISRCs to MB directly from the album view as it will display the error message. I know that the hyphens aren’t necessary when putting it in the recordings.

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Yeah this isn’t going to get fixed. I’ve never seen this happen on any other release, so as simple as it would be, it’s still not worth the effort.

Additionally, I would say that having given Spotify ISRCs formatted like this, should raise question marks about the data quality, and think it’s a better idea to add another manual step to their submission.

I’ll look into adding something to prevent it trying to submit ISRCs that look invalid though.

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Just to say this format is completely valid per ISRC specs and MB could accept them.
I think it does accept them in the web form.

How do you batch submit btw, I think my bookmarklet recognises this format and strips the hyphens down, but not sure.

Is it? I’ve never seen this in any other context, except ones that are constructed precisely to explain the structure of an ISRC.

In that case, I won’t make any change. I’ll allow the hyphenated ones to try to generate an edit. Because if the format is valid, the issue is that MB server rejects them, not that the tool doesn’t reformat them to what wants — if indeed this is a fully valid presentation of ISRCs.

I thought so but apparently « The hyphens are not part of the ISRC code itself, but codes are often presented that way in print to make them easier to read. » according to MB wiki and WP and their references.
But I confirm that if you paste a bunch of ISRC with or without hyphens in MASS ISRC and bookmarklet, it will detect them (and submit without hyphens, I think).

A few smaller under the hood updates were made yesterday. One somewhat bigger one, is you can now paste (almost) any Spotify link into https://tatsumo.pythonanywhere.com/auto and it should take you to the page – to save you (mostly to save me) manually rewriting the URL. This also supports track links, which it will resolve to its parent album, and redirect there.

It should be able to handle ignoring query strings as well, most often the ?si=[blahblahblah], that Spotify appends to shared URLs a lot.


Submission to MusicBrainz (pasting an MB URL) stopped working recently and we get a message (https://blog.metabrainz.org/2018/02/01/web-service-ver-1-0-ws-1-will-be-removed-in-6-months/)

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I’ll work on that but it could be a few weeks


I was just reporting the issue :slight_smile:

Thank you for looking into it. Your tool is very handy!

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I will probably work on this this weekend, but I can’t reproduce this message. Submission continues to work for me.

I’m in the middle of a rewrite of how the album view renders, so it’s a good time to port the submission API to v2.


Thanks @tatsumo, I only discovered your tool this week. If that can help, like @Lotheric I got the same message when I try to submit to MB (try with Vivaldi and Edge browser).

I managed to get it now. But not every time. I believe if you retry the submission it should go through, at least sometimes

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I tried a few times without success, I guess it’s not a good day for me to gambling :smiley:

It stopped working for me too, I got the same message like @Lotheric and @Fabe56 when trying to submit to MB. I have tried Firefox and Chrome.

It got the same message when trying to submit ISRCs using the Keptin’s Magic ISRC submitter, so maybe it’s an issue with the web service.

It’s not. The v1 service was supposed to be turned off ages ago. I guess it’s finally happening. As I said, for me it still works but intermittently.

The Spotify tool already uses v2 for fetching data from MB.

The only reason the submission still uses v1 is that credentials were easier to handle in v1 — i.e. it wasn’t necessary to handle credentials at all. You could submit the edit and have the server prompt the user at that point.

The “default” way of authentication on v2, using HTTP digest, has huge issues for me: if I do it client side JavaScript, it has all sorts of cross-origin issues. While server side requires you submitting your username and password to the tool, which I’d rather avoid — I can easily do that and keep them only in memory until it completes but I’d rather avoid taking the credentials server-side altogether. I wasted a lot of time trying to do it with client side JavaScript.

OAuth so far is working for me, so I’m working on switching submission to use v2 of the MB API, which should be ready in a couple of days. And I’ve done some hacky proofs-of-concept (all submitting ISRCs that already existed on the recordings in question — but I got 200 OK as the response so I’m assuming it’s all good). User auth tokens will be stored in browser localStorage — the server side of the tool will continue to be effectively stateless.You’ll know when it’s there because the album view on the tool will simultaneously shift to a different layout.


Thank you for the explanation and for your effort on keeping up this great and helpful script. It’s really appreciated.

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OAuth2 submission should now be working.

It’s exact implementation will probably change over the next few days (and the artist view browser will also change).

The colour-coded comparison of track titles and lengths to MB before submission is currently not supported – time diffs are still shown, as is the MB title, just no judgement is made of if it’s a high diff or good match – so just read it yourself.


I can confirm all is ok now, a huge thanks for all the work @tatsumo :+1:t2:

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Yeah, it works again! Very appreciated, @tatsumo :slight_smile: