Fetch and embed lyrics via command line


Hi there :slight_smile: ,
I’m looking for a CLI way to fetch the lyrics of a song from the Internet and embed them as an ID3v2 tag into a music file (“Artist - Title.mp3”). Is MusicBrainz Picard (Windows) capable of doing that? If yes, how would the syntax look like?


Picard itself does not fill the lyrics tag, but there is a plugin that fetches lyrics from Musixmatch. I have never used it so cannot say how well it works.

But Picard is not a command line tagger. So if your requirement is strictly using the command line Picard is not the right tool for the job.


@outsidecontext Is it true, that the linked plugin only fetches the first 30% of the lyrics and you have to obtain an API key from Musixmatch to get it working?


Try it. As I said above I have no experience with this plugin.


Any news How To save Lyrics in the Tag?