"Featuring" & "and" as Artist Names

Hello all. I’m a bit new to this; so, please be gentle. However, I’m having a bit of a problem with the way MBP is tagging the artist’s names. Its throwing how I’d like my library to be organized. I have a PC and I’m simply running Windows 10. The program includes all artist involved with the song. MBP classifies and separates these files into individual albums. I’d like to keep the information on “featuring” artist and if an album was done with others (“and”) limited exclusively to the song and not the album.

My issue is that I’d like all of an artist’s music to be in one folder related to that said artist regardless of who was feature or shared artist credits on the album. More plainly, The first name that is shown is the artist folder that that file goes in; along with the corresponding album folder. So, the path would look like this (artist folder ~ Album folder ~ song) where the song would hold featuring/and information.

I tried downloading the plug-in “featured”. It did not work at all for me.

Please help:confused:confused


Which release are you trying this on? It could simply be wrong in the database.

It’s MBP 1.3.2. Thank you for responding so promptly.

In this case, they meant which release in MusicBrainz (like, what album or whatnot) rather than what release of Picard :slight_smile:

As far as I can tell, by default MBP does exactly what you want.
It should only use the ‘album artist’ tag for the artist folder, instead of the ‘artist’ tag (relevant to individual song credits).
So not sure what’s happening here, either an album is mistagged on our database, or the album is really by two artists in which case MBP is acting correctly but you have your own personal preferences and want to apply them instead.

Let us know which album it is in musicbrainz! :slight_smile: