Featured vocalist with unusual style: ETI or feat. credit?

I’m working with this release, and there’s some ETI regarding track 11. It’s represented two ways on different parts of the packaging: on the back cover it’s denoted with “(with Eric Carr vocal).” Inside the booklet, the parenthesized phrase “(featuring Eric Carr)” is used. My question is this: how should I represent this? Ordinarily I’d use an artist credit and represent the relationship that way (esp. since the ETI is not listed on the disc label) but I’m not sure which style to use (“feat. Eric Carr” or “with Eric Carr vocal”). Alternatively I could just add (with Eric Carr vocal) to the track title as ETI, but this seems out of place post-NGS.

I’d probably go with “feat. Eric Car” for the credits and ad a performance relationship for the vocals.


Are you sure that we still have to alter this word in MB (featuringfeat.)?

There’s still a guideline in place, if that’s what you’re asking :slight_smile:

Personally, I don’t understand why the ‘feat.’ guideline exists. If it’s simply to normalize the term for tagging purposes, it seems like that could be done in Picard.

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