Featured artists not credited on compilation

I have a question regarding featured artists not credited on compilations.

I have a compilation boxset in front of me called: Oerend hard: de bokse vol 1974–1984 featuring a lot of albums and singles of the rockgroup ‘Normaal’. One of the tracks Bier, bier, bier! is not credited to Johnny Hoes at all on the boxset, he is only mentioned singing on the track in the booklet.

However, the original single and song was released under the name Johnny Hoes & Normaal.

I use the musicbrainz guidelines to tag my personal music library and wondered if I should put the artist of the track as only ‘Normaal’, as ‘Normaal & Johnny Hoes’ or as ‘Johnny Hoes & Normaal’

The latter seems correct to me but I would love to hear some more opinions on this. I’ve seen this a few times now on compilations where some cooperating artists are left out of the credits on compilations, but are prominently featured on their original releases.

Thanks as always!


I’d probably leave the track as printed, but not the recording. That said, if the release has a lot of mistakes and seems like they didn’t care much (not uncommon with compilations) then I could see us just assuming it was not intentional and fixing them all, including the artists, as part of error correction.