Featured artist in the album/track title?

I don’t like to have multiple artists as one in my music library, such as:

  • artist 1
  • artist 2
  • artist 2 & artist 1
  • artist 2 & artist 3
  • artist 3
    and so on…

Here is my taggerscript that allows me to automatically move the featuring artists in the title (or album) tag:


$set(title,$if(%_feat_title%,%title% \(%_feat_title%\),%title%))

$set(album,$if(%_feat_album%,%album% \(%_feat_album%\),%album%))

But it seems it only looks for the text “feat.”, while I would also like it to search for:

  • &
  • ft.
  • featuring
  • with
  • et
  • avec
  • ,

In order to move it into the album or track title following this scheme : (feat. other artist)

How can I do that?

If I understand your intent, I suggest that it might be easier to use the “Additional Artists Variables” plugin to provide the primary and additional artists in separate variables, which you can then use as required for your preferred tagging. Please see the User Guide for details on the additional variables provided.

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