Feature suggestion: refresh tracks individually instead of all in the album list

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I’d like to have the ability of refreshing one track at a time if needed. For example, I have 11 tracks in A$AP Ferg, Floor Seats II. I have been through the list once with generate fingerprints I have anywhere from 1 to 3 that need refreshed because it did not record a field in the tag such as “bpm”. Would you add the feature of individual refresh as there are many adjustments that were previously entered and have to be reentered. Thanks!

Such a feature is currently not planned. It would actually be rather tricky to get right, because the final result of loaded data depends on plugins which can run on album load and depend on the full album being loaded.

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Though when individual files were matched to tracks of an loaded album, we may allow a refresh for individual tracks (currently one can only refresh the whole album). It would be convenient to update metadata after options or scripts changed, but it would use the same initial data (from loaded album + plugins). What do you think?

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That could work. It depends a bit on what data is expected to change then. E.g. in the original post “bpm” is mentioned. I don’t know where this is coming from, but very likely from a plugin.

The entire loading process is already complex enough. We need to be careful not too make this even more complex.

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