Feature request: use the same account on the Jira platform

When I first logged on the forum, I could use the same account I have on the MusicBrainz.com

I would like to suggest to allow to the users to use the same user on the tickets.metabrainz.org website.



I don’t know if MBS can be used as a delegated account manager for Atlassian stuff:


There is an open ticket for this; feel free to vote for that and “watch” the issue to get updates on possible progress:

Edit: I actually want to add a few more words to this: we want all of our various services to use a single-sign on, however, this isn’t technically easy due to the varying technologies used for different “subsites” throughout the MetaBrainz-verse. There are a number of tickets used for tracking progress on this, all using the “SSO” label on Jira: https://tickets.metabrainz.org/issues/?jql=labels%20%3D%20SSO – however, progress on this is slow and sporadic. Another reason is that @zas already has plenty of headaches managing our existing infrastructure, so one thing we’re looking at is hosting as few things as possible on our own—Jira is one of the platforms we’re succesfully not running on MetaBrainz controlled hardware. This means that we have limited influence on what plugins etc. we can run on the platform, in term making Jira one of the harder platforms for us to add/make/have a SSO solution for.

@jesus2099 I’m pretty sure setting up an LDAP directory is something we/@zas very, very much would like to not have to do. Thanks though. :slight_smile: