Feature request - Option to batch extract embedded cover arts from music files

Till now what I have been doing is I copy the cache images from the %temp% folder. It takes time to navigate to that folder, so there should be an easy way to get the cover images from music files within Picard. Thank you.

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…Option to batch extract embedded cover arts from music files…

Do you like using command-line tools? The batch tool set FLAC includes metaflac which can extract cover art from .flac audio files nicely:

metaflac --export-picture-to=cover.png  musicfile.flac

(There are details about how you can use metaflac to find out how many images are in a music file, and what are their formats.)

The tool set eyeD3 is said to do a similar thing for MP3 files, but I do not use that tool. And, FFmpeg is a tremendously capable command-line tool for all kinds of tasks, but it is also very complex, so it is not my first recommendation to someone wanting a simple solution.

So, maybe you don’t need to ask Picard to do this, maybe another tool is a good enough alternative.

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There is a bit of a hidden feature: If you click on “Show more details” below the cover art and double click on one of the images in the info window this image will be opened with the default application for images (e.g. the default image viewer), from where you can easily save the file.

But it might be useful to add a context menu item for saving an image. Best place to put feature requests is https://tickets.metabrainz.org/browse/PICARD , here in the forums the thread will just be quickly buried among newer posts.