[Feature Request] Manually un-merge an AcoustID?

Is it possible to un-merge fingerprints from an AcoustID? @lukz


The fingerprints are considered to have enough similarity that they are mapped to the same AcoustID, but they are really different recordings that anyone would be able to distinguish by ear.

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But how would you unmerge them? If the mathematical fingerprint created is the same, then it ends up with an AcoustID pointing to two tracks. Can be pretty common with remixes. I can see how an Apple edit for a game would stay close to the original.

An AcoustID points at multiple fingerprints, not one. In this example, it points to 9 different fingerprints.

The most common 2 fingerprints are visibly different:

Here’s a 2nd example:
These fingerprints don’t start looking similar until you change the offset all the way to 50 (fifty).