Feature request/idea - making naming easier via GUI with common choices

Just an idea, but it’d be cool within the file naming preferences, there was like a dropdown where you could pick some of the more common ways people name files, without having to figure out that “%artist%/%artist% - %title%” actually means rename your files as “artist - title” if that’s all you really want to do. Then if you pick “artist - title” from the dropdown menu, it erases the default naming and puts the code to do that in the box instead.

File renaming is definitely the most confusing part for a novice like me, so that might help other novices in the future.


I think there should be a more user-friendly way of choosing naming scripts. There could be 4 or 5 basic scripts packaged with Picard, along with an easy way to import scripts. Something like the method for adding plugins.
Let the present scripting system be accessible as “Advanced Scripting” for those of us who want to get down in the weeds.