Feature request: Avoid overwriting additional files

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When Picard tags and moves music files to a directory, if there is an existing name in the destination directory, it will append (1) to the filename so that the existing file is not overwritten.

However, when using the “Move additional files” feature, if there is an existing file in the destination (or files with the same name in the source folders), it will overwrite the existing file. For example:



There is only one set of cover/cue/log in the post-tagged folder. This can be a problem as cue and log files might have identical names (i.e. Artist - Album.log), but different contents. To avoid data loss with the default path naming (Name files like this), I would propose using a similar mechanism to music files, to check if there are name collisions, and if so, add a prefix. The one hiccup might be that log.log and log (1).log might correspond to disc1 and disc2, which might appear slightly illogical, but at least the data is not lost.

screenshot of options pane/about for reference:


Can you please add a ticket on https://tickets.metabrainz.org/browse/PICARD for this?

Ticket created: https://tickets.metabrainz.org/browse/PICARD-1886