Fatal error detected picard 2.4 portable?

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Hi, I just downloaded Picard 2.4 for Windows (portable x64), and when I try to use it under windows 7, I get the message “fatal error detected. Failed to execute script tagger.”

When I tried a previous alpha version of Picard, I got the same message. I’m assuming one of two things could be true… Either Picard 2.4 only works on Windows 10, or, all of the bugs haven’t been worked out yet. Luckily, I still have picard 2.3.2 portable saved on my machine. That’s been working good.

any fixes would be great. Thanks

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Yes, it’s a bug on Windows 7. See also the discussion at

@gabrielcarvfer has already provided a fix, we’ll try to publish a 2.4.1 soon.

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