Faster Search Indexing

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On the search page, there is a note that the indexes are updated every 3 hours. The fastest I’ve been able to re-index has been 6 hours. Does anyone have any hints on how to index faster?




Using a SSD has reduced the index time on my machine from about 9 hours to 3½ hours.

And maybe you can use the script “” instead of recreate the full index on every run.


updateindex,sh does not really work

Make sure are allocating sufficient memory when reindexing.


IIRC that’s no longer exactly true: some indexes are updated every hour or two (like artist) and some once or twice a day (like recording).


@InvisibleMan78, I already went down the route and found that it isn’t supported anymore. SSD isn’t really an option for me, but I’ll look into using RAM disk in some way.

@ijabz, memory doesn’t seem to be a problem. There was no change after doubling the memory available to the indexing Java process.

@reosarevok would it be possible to share the cron jobs/related scripts for indexing? I couldn’t find anything in the chef repo.




I would recommend updating recording only once a day, then update the rest as fast as you can. That is what we do in production.