FAQ really aren't

When I was trying to figure out how to quote someone (now I know, just select the text and hit the floating button) I tried looking in the logical place, which is the FAQ. But that’s not an FAQ (there aren’t even any questions!) but a code of conduct. Shouldn’t that text be moved to a code of conduct and the FAQ turned into something with questions? Is there any other documentation on how this place works?


I think it isn’t really urgent but what you say is right. :cat2:

Good call. We should probably link to https://meta.discourse.org/ somewhere.

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Not sure about that idea. Could be very confusing for people as that is also a similar looking Discourse system. I can imagine one quickly gets lost if you are suddenly on a different system without realizing it.

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Is there a way to make it less confusing? Open-in-new-window? A pop-pup alert, like “you’re leaving the MB Discourse”? Would it be enough if the link text is something like “Official Discourse docs”?

I think the answer to that is some more MeB-theming of this site. :blush: