Cover Art Plugin Connection timed out

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The Cover Art Plugin is getting a Network Request Error. I have tried generating a new API Key but the issue remains.

E: 10:57:22,948 webservice._handle_reply:372: Network request error for;client_key=2a5292d920cb05236745f71082ce7944: Connection timed out (QT code 99, HTTP code 0)
E: 10:57:22,949 C:\Users\xxxxx\AppData\Local\MusicBrainz\Picard\plugins\\fanarttv\__init__._json_downloaded:106: Problem requesting metadata in plugin: 99 is not responding. So I don’t think it is just you or your API key.

Now that you say that, I found this.

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Check the date. That post is from 2016.

The forum looks rather low use as many of those posts are ancient.

Still expect it is a load issue though. Server hamsters are having a rest.

Looks like there was an outage or something in the datacentre, that particular server wasn’t powered on, I’ve rebooted it and it seems to have come back now.


The hamsters were asleep.

Thanks @KodeStar