Fanart cover saving

Soo I don’t know if any one else has had or noticed this issue I’ve had since the last Picard update. Fanart will only save regular cover art as “other.jpg” instead of “folder.jpg” that I have specified in the preferences. All other cover art sources save as “folder.jpg” except Fanart, In addition if I have fanart at the top of my list it will go to the 2nd source from the top and save as “folder.jpg” along with fanart as “other.jpg”… I’m really puzzled on this one since I’ve even uninstalled an reinstalled the plugin and there are very few options on the plugin itself except for medium size (disc art) which I don’t use.

Thanks for reporting. That’s a stupid bug introduced by accident in version 1.6 of the plugin. I have submitted a fixed version 1.6.1. It will be available for automated update once we have updated the Picard website the next time.

Update: The plugin list on the website has been updated, you should be able to update from within Picard’s options.

In the meantime you could install manually by downloading version 1.6.1 from and installing it via Options > Plugins > Install plugins or manually place the ZIP file in Picard’s plugin folder.


Thank you soo much… it was just a bit annoying :slight_smile: