Facing error : Illegal declaration of anonymous subroutine at /root/musicbrainz-server/admin/../lib/DBDefs.pm line 163

facing this error
“Illegal declaration of anonymous subroutine at /root/musicbrainz-server/admin/…/lib/DBDefs.pm line 163”

please help to resolve it

Hi @hemant19092, it is likely that the file at /root/musicbrainz-server/lib/DBDefs.pm is not correctly formatted. Can you please copy the content of this file (but personal info such as token) to a pastebin service (e.g. pastebin.com or gist.github.com) and share the link so that I can check it? Also, which process did you follow to install MusicBrainz Server (from source, or from musicbrainz-docker, or using VirtualBox)? Thank you.

i am trying to create a server of musicbrainz simmilar copy of your VM because VM has all the things available. i need to establish it on AWS later on so now i am going with docker method as it available on github (“https://github.com/metabrainz/musicbrainz-docker”) so is it enough to setup the server of musicbrainz ? and will it bring all the database of musicbrainz automatically ? i really need a proper guidance for the same.
kindly help.

Yes, please note the branch master is still using the old Lucene-based MusicBrainz search server/indexer. Check the development branch mbvm-38-dev out for the new Solr-based search.

Yes, just follow instructions, it will require an access token from your MetaBrainz account.