Extra tracks and expanded title: How to categorize/annotate?

The artist Hrvatski has an updated version of the release Swarm & Dither, called Swarm & Dither + (20th Anniversary). The new release has a slightly different order than the previous versions, as well as many new tracks. The title is what is throwing me.

After reading through Release and Release group, and a couple community posts, I’m still a little confused on exactly how to format this.

My understanding at this point is that it should be considered part of the original release group, with the following format:

  • Title: Swarm & Dither +
  • Release Group: Swarm & Dither
  • Disambiguation: 20th Anniversary

Is this correct, or am I missing something key here? Should the full title be Swarm & Dither + (20th Anniversary)? They did the same with their Oiseaux 96-98 release, but without the 20th Anniversary annotation (+ version here).

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The Bandcamp page lists the releases from which this anniversary release took its tracks:

paru le 20 mars 2020

All of S&D (including the Japan-only bonus track), plus the “IDM/Epoxy” & “Eruption 1970” EPs, a couple of compilation tracks & relevant alternates/demos str8 from the archive. DEAL. WITH. IT.

It does not sound like 3 or 4 bonus tracks, it sounds way much more.

So I would create a new compilation release group, linked to these mentioned original release groups, as are included in.
And use the same recordings.

If not same recordings (self-covers or new mixes), then no link to original release, either.

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:woman_facepalming:t3: I was so focused on the title, I completely missed that they were from other albums. Fantastic insight, @jesus2099! Thanks for the clarity and advice.

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