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Hi all

Is there a way to export a list of releases to Excel?

I want to import this list in to Excel: https://musicbrainz.org/series/d062b8a4-6d41-4954-84f8-dbb0e95b8a30?page=1

Is there a user script?

Copy / paste makes such a mess and takes a long time to clean it up.

Thank you all

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It’s not a userscript, but if you have access to a Unix-like command line and jq, something like the following might get you most of the way there (broken into separate commands to make it a bit easier to read):

$ MBID=d062b8a4-6d41-4954-84f8-dbb0e95b8a30
$ curl -s "https://musicbrainz.org/ws/2/series/${MBID}?fmt=json&inc=release-rels+artist-credits" >out.json
$ jq -r '.relations[].release | [.id, .title, (."artist-credit" | map(.name + .joinphrase) | join("")), .country, .date, .barcode] | @csv' <out.json

For me, this produces CSV output with MBID, title, artist, country, date, and barcode columns:

"fa0f84ee-320a-4667-bba2-2759f7940a23","“De Arabier” speelt de hits!","Draaiorgel “De Arabier”","NL","1971",""
"df5f2f3b-567e-4446-aabf-9717a5123bca","16 levensliedjes","Various Artists","NL","",""
"706a37f2-0f98-43b0-96b5-74f23a7ec469","23 hits en ’n meisje","Mieke van den Honert","NL","",""
"e5f738e6-7c5d-47ed-b06f-bc97487dd723","24 nieuwe Jacksons successen","The 3 Jacksons","NL","1971",""
"f9969ea3-f224-4165-b33b-eb5283c5662c","24 originele feesthits!","Various Artists","NL","",""
"f3704fdf-9bc9-4479-8f1f-f5fcf4d2e366","25 jaar successen","Willy Alberti","NL","",""
"15c307a5-3b3d-4519-a2d4-1fc256e2c702","28 hits van vroeger","Various Artists","NL","",""
"04c679f1-ba0b-4eff-8647-68242307fce7","30 Cor Steyn favorieten","Cor Steyn","NL","1973",""
"b01d43d5-8fef-4540-b98d-edc8fa6e5026","A Gipsy Played...","Tata Mirando and His Gipsy Orchestra","NL","",
"00949dd4-f2c4-48b0-a9e1-b0d94b5c597e","Akkordeon-troeven","Accordeonorkest o.l.v. Jan Gorissen","NL","",""

Note that this doesn’t include formats, track counts, labels, or catalog numbers. When I add +media to the inc= parameter, the API returns a 400 error – not sure why.

(jq is amazing!)

Edit: Here’s the full CSV file in case you don’t have access to a command line: https://pastebin.com/EELnH1vM


Thank you @derat. I hope it wasn’t too much work for you. I’m happy with it. I think it would be useful if there was a user script.