Expires in 5 days

Good morning

Im am a beginner here and I have made some changes, added composers. I can see the changes I have made in “My data”. I also says there: Expires in 5 days, what does that mean? Is everything lost again after 5 days? Hope not been at it for 2 days :P. Can some one explain to me? (Liefst in het Nederlands)

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Hi, and welcome!

“Expires in” means the edit will close in that amount of time. If there aren’t any No votes (or if there are more Yes votes than No votes) it will apply when it expires. If there are more No votes than Yes votes, it’ll be rejected when it expires :slight_smile: So you shouldn’t need to worry unless someone has voted against the edits (and then you’d have gotten an email about it)


Ah sweet, did get 1 e-mail and yes that was a mistake on my part. Then again they still have to check 717 edits whahahahahahaha

Thanks for your answer

And don’t forget:
If you don’t get any votes at all, your edits will be accepted too after 7 days.



Thanks all for your information. Guess if I dont get any votes I’m doing a good job :slight_smile:

Hi @Tiske_Tisja, and welcome. :slight_smile: You’re absolutely not the first one to be confused by that wording, so now I created a ticket to change its wording! If anyone has any suggestions/thoughts on alternate and less confusing/distressing phrasing, please chime in:



Yeah its all confusing to me cos my English is not good enough. The Dutch translations are a bit confusing also :slight_smile:

On some of the albums the length of the song are missing. Tried to find out how to correct that but… like I said above… so I will stick to what I’m good at… Composers :slight_smile:

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The best is to attach the Disc ID from the matching CD:


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That is not what I mean… some songs dont have the length behind it: like 3:32… some songs have 0:00… dunno how to change that. You can find the correct time on allmusic.com and discogs and several other sites… just can’t change it… dunno how

Please link to an example, then.
We can’t help without your example. :slight_smile:

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Hi jesus2099


Length: ?:???

Should be: 2:45

Don’t know how to change that

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There is no really recording length.
The recording length is computer from its release track lengths.
There is no yet good reference for track times in https://musicbrainz.org/release/3077a8e2-7b2d-4b01-9991-8ed32f2d6b1a/edits
I am not sure that allmusic is a good source for track times.

If you don’t have this release you shouldn’t worry much about empty lengths but if you do have it, please submit its 2 Disc IDs, like explained earlier. :slight_smile: