Executive producers not on recording level

Any reason why executive producers do not belong to recordings? The relationship editor allows this, but I have seen editors argue against doing that.

My personal thoughts are that “executive producers” are people that have an oversight of the project (album) as a whole. They don’t necessarily have any involvement with the individual recordings, but they may make calls like “we need the cover art to convey this mood” or “use that 3rd take of the recording instead of the 4th one” or “those 2 songs don’t really fit with the theme of the album, let’s push those as bonus tracks instead of being part of the main album”.

Note: I don’t know if these are the kinds of calls executive producers make, but this is the kind of stuff I imagine they do—and it’s not really related to individual recordings as a whole, only the “complete product” that is the album. :slight_smile:


I imagine they shout “Stop going over budget!” every couple of hours/minutes. :stuck_out_tongue:

They are mainly coordinating and overseeing the production process from the side of the record company, which could be anything really, but it mostly applies to the complete finished product, which is the release. I only ever see them credited for entire releases (but I’m sure there are exceptions), so it is probably best to add them to the release itself and not the individual recordings, unless they are specifically credited to the recordings on the release.

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I have seen them credited to specific recordings a few times, which is the only case I remember when I’ve entered this on recordings. It’s usually been on compilations though I think, so it’s honestly probably meant to give the original release’s exec producer some credit.


I have an album that lists a label executive as “executive producer” and a group of musicians (of which the album artist is a part) as “album executive producers”. Would the right call be to put the “executive producer” on the album and the “album executive producers” on the recordings?

Why put “album executive producers” on the recordings? Album is Release, after all. :slight_smile:


Here’s the credits I’m talking about: https://web.archive.org/web/20190616092720/https://s.yimg.com/ob/image/63e351d1-1b99-4e78-a10f-6921d5c0ef21.jpg

I would think “album executive producers” on that album is connected to the music and not only the business side of things (unlike the “executive producer” without the preceding word “album”). So these “album executive producers” are responsible for every recording on that album and not the overall release as a package.

I wouldn’t jump to that conclusion just from that text. Do you have additional knowledge about this?


True. I’ll just leave it as release level.