Exclude podcasts from listens?

I would like to exclude podcasts from my listens. Is that possible?


There is a way to disable specific apps in the application settings. In the Android app (v2.4.1) you can click the little gear icon on the top right, then select “Listening apps” and toggle the ones you want to track.

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The app I use for listening to podcasts is not listed in the Android app. I don’t listen to podcasts in Spotify.

Here’s the listen data for one of the podcast items. It does not indicate which app was used.

  "listened_at": 1700953206,
  "user_name": "Goose90053",
  "track_metadata": {
    "artist_name": "LINUX Unplugged • 11/9/23",
    "track_name": "Feedback",
    "release_name": "LINUX Unplugged",
    "additional_info": {
      "recording_msid": "222837af-683d-4840-93a1-e22db3799683"
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This may be similar to an issue I’m currently experiencing. Do you see the podcast in your “Now Playing History” ? You can see this by searching for “now playing” in android settings, then scrolling down and looking at the history.

Also, what android and app version are you using?

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I have Android version 13, ListenBrainz v.2.4.1.

I can’t find a “now playing” feature on my phone (Samsung Galaxy S21 ultra). It seems to be a Pixel-only feature.

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