Events: Tours and Runs

I am currently editing a world tour by an artist. In her tour, she made several stops, with some stops consisting of several concerts, while others stops only have one concert. For the tour I created a series and for each concert I created an event. The problem arises with stops with several concerts. They are runs, which is a type of series. So I have series of runs being subseries of the tour series, but also individual events for one-concert stops being members of the tour series. It doesn’t feel right that longer stops are series and shorter stops events. Am I doing it wrong?

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Normally when I add a tour, I add all shows as Events and link them back to the main Series entity.

By “runs” do you mean multiple shows at the same venue on consecutive days? Normally I don’t do anything special for those.

Yes by “runs” I do mean that. I make runs because they are a specified kind of event entity.