Event titles and locations in recording disambiguations

Is there any consensus on how to title an event? For instance, since this is a recurring event, do I put the date in the title, in the disambig, or only in the date section for each event?

Also, the locataion is in the disambig for each recording, a place relationship for each recording, and it will be attached to the event. Should I remove one of these? I mean, there’s thoroughness, and then there’s redundancy ad absurdium…

Regarding events, they should be given their name if they have one. If they don’t, just name them whatever you like, because that made-up title will go away at some point in the future anyway.

There recently was a discussion about event titles already, starting at Can enter where a work premiered, but not by whom?

Well, I discovered that event dates are almost always displayed with the event, so I stopped trying to disambiguate.

Anyway, I notice that on event - artist relationships, you can specify vocals or instrument. But you can’t set it to JUST vocals or instrument, you have to pick a specific one. What if all I know is “vocals”?


What I do on recordings or releases (until we have MBS-6184 done) is other vocal credited as vocals. I don’t know if it will work for events though.
Maybe there is an other instrument(s) as well?

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