Event Importer

Recently I have been thinking a lot of the event data in MB. There is another thread as well as some tickets to show event dats in LB. While this will be extremely helpful, I am currently thinking of creating an useful event importer. When you look on last.fm, they have more events, but they are of course way behind songkick or other platforms.

I wonder how you think about a seeder which would allow to enter a Spotify or Songkick URL and prepares as much as possible to add one or more shows. I am still verifying if this would work with their API terms of service, but technically it’s feasible to do so.

Would this be interesting at all, or are there existing thoughts / solution for this topic?


I’d be very interested

are you thinking of adding a feature to ListenBrainz for importing events to MusicBrainz? as far as I know, events are only stored in MusicBrainz currently

I would love to see a way to easily add basic info through ListenBrainz for most entity types (perhaps even a release importer based on MessyBrainz data? tho that’s a bit off topic here), especially since we’re looking at moving user accounts to MetaBrainz from MusicBrainz (possibly meaning not ever ListenBrainz user would have a MusicBrainz account? don’t know what the plan is there)

Very interested - I used to use the Facebook event importer userscript a lot, until the relentless FB changes broke it.

Thanks for all your feedback. I would not see that as an addition to LB at the moment, rather a standalone seeder (at least for now). This would allow to have a working functional mockup quite quickly and see if its for any use at all.

Facebook would certainly be a good source, but I had to work with their APIs quite often and it’s neverending and not reliable at all :confused:

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