ETI for “Born to Die (The Paradise Edition)”

The release Born to Die (The Paradise Edition) is a combination of the “Born to Die” album and the “Paradise” EP. The current capitalization in MusicBrainz is Born to Die (The Paradise edition), which seems odd to my eyes.

The album is referred to everywhere besides MusicBrainz as Born to Die (The Paradise Edition). According to the MusicBrainz ETI guidelines, though, extra title information should be all lowercase except for titles, which perhaps means it should be formatted as Born to Die (the Paradise edition)?

Which capitalization would be correct in this case?


honestly, i would call this a subtitle and make it Born to Die: The Paradise Edition, like Wikipedia does

but if people are set to keep it as ETI i guess i’d go with “(the Paradise edition)”. i don’t really like it though.


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I see no issue with subtitling “The Paradise Edition” either.

also dropping in to add, I might split out The Paradise Edition from the Born to Die release group, since it consists of two previously (or perhaps simultaneously) released releases. according to the Wikipedia page (which is also seperate), it also charted separately from the other two releases it contains

there’s a few similar examples in the DB already