Errors when attempting to complete an entry for an Arabic 2014 release

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I have been attempting to add this release by group “Better Life” using “Better Life” as their self described label on

I am unable to locate their Catalog number anywhere including their artist website:عمري-ليك

I even went as far as to add their label to website, but all in vain.

The Track list with names and time lengths were accepted with no problems.

Can anyone please shed some light as to what I may be missing with registering this album title “Omry Leek” by “Better Life”.

Catalog number are optional as sometimes they are not present especially if it’s a digital release. What problem do you specifically have regarding creating a release? The only thing necessary for making a release are the title and artist (the track list can be marked as unknown so it technically counts as optional). Also, seeing as the cover art on their website is different from the one on Amazon, I think you might need to create a separate release for each version. Have you perhaps not created the artist page for Better Life, yet? If so, you should create it (either while or before creating the release) as the artist is necessary for the release unlike the label which is optional and can be left empty.

EDIT: You can read this how-to on adding a release if you’re still having trouble.
EDIT2: Also, why is this in the Picard section?