Error while linking listen: recording_msid is invalid or not present in arguments

When linking listens I sometimes get this error message:


I’d like to learn more about this, what does it mean and how can I circumvent this?

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I’m seeing the same error when linking one track on the stats page on my profile. Scraping the listen data through the API, all listens during the time period seem to have a recording_msid, but some older listen data (outside of the stats range) have different msid values. Also interesting is that the recording_mbid is correct for all listens, even if the msid’s do not match; which I would think means that the listens are linked correctly (see unique entries across all my listen data at the bottom of my post). This error only appears to only be related to the stats page; the listens page shows the correctly linked track.

Pic of the stats page, since it might change in the future, hiding the behavior:

Track: Recording “Monster in Paradise” by GUNSHIP feat. Milkie Way, Dave Lombardo, Tyler Bates - MusicBrainz
All uniqe listen data for this track on my profile:

submission_client	  media_player/service	recording_msid                       	mbid_mapping-recording_mbid
listenbrainz		    0c18b5ed-3d3f-4b5b-a154-dcca34eeed18	6aba570a-70d2-4c7a-a2ae-8384ee69820d
ListenBrainz Android  Spotify			    0c18b5ed-3d3f-4b5b-a154-dcca34eeed18	6aba570a-70d2-4c7a-a2ae-8384ee69820d
UNKNOWN		          Spotify			    0c18b5ed-3d3f-4b5b-a154-dcca34eeed18	6aba570a-70d2-4c7a-a2ae-8384ee69820d
UNKNOWN			      Bandcamp		        f6e4645b-7f18-4f17-ad5f-0a6dfb85360f	6aba570a-70d2-4c7a-a2ae-8384ee69820d
listenbrainz		    6f9e501e-9393-4943-9326-b62820a13a52	6aba570a-70d2-4c7a-a2ae-8384ee69820d
UNKNOWN			      Spotify		    	6f9e501e-9393-4943-9326-b62820a13a52	6aba570a-70d2-4c7a-a2ae-8384ee69820d
ListenBrainz Android  Spotify	    		6f9e501e-9393-4943-9326-b62820a13a52	6aba570a-70d2-4c7a-a2ae-8384ee69820d
ListenBrainz Android  Bandcamp      		f6e4645b-7f18-4f17-ad5f-0a6dfb85360f	6aba570a-70d2-4c7a-a2ae-8384ee69820d
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