Error reading TOC - Song completely labled but playing a different song - HELP!

I checked to see if it was reading the proper Hard drive (N) and it appears to be. I’m stumped. When I load the Folder it no longer looks up the song it just skips over to loading the wrong song. How Do Fixed this issue as MusicBrainz Picard has been completely rendered useless.

This is just a guess because you haven’t provided much information, but perhaps you have already processed those tracks and matched them incorrectly? Try enabling “Ignore MBIDs when loading new files” in the General Options section.


thanks for the reply. I’m still trying to wrestle the program to the ground…lol;)

What are you playing back on and have you reloaded or refreshed your library after applying changes to the files in Picard?

Derek, I’m really struggling to use this program. I can’t get it to work. This is, I want it to update all my files and save them on my NAS drive as Flac.files. Are there any step-by-step tutorials?

Read the help files for better idea of what is going on. Introduction — MusicBrainz Picard v2.7.3 documentation

Give us a clue where you are getting stuck.

I want it to update all my files and save them on my NAS drive as Flac.files” is confusing. Picard does no conversion, only tagging based on the database. It leaves a flac as as flac, an MP3 as an MP3.

Let us know what you are trying to do and we can assist in a more focused way. What are your files? Do you still have the CDs?

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Ivan, Yes, Sorry my thread was confusing. No, I realize MBP does not convert files. All I’m trying to do is organize my music collection by updating all my music files with the correct meta data so that the correct LP art and song title, etc… are all organized in folders. It’s like I go through the steps but after I’m done and I open up MS explorer to look and play the files, the files that I updated are not included. Also, many of my songs are not recognized by MBP even though I try to tag them. Very frustrating. Wasting so much time on the program. I need a sure-fire way to make ONE pass at it and correct my songs.

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You need to be clearer. Where in the instructions are you tripping up? Give us some pictures. Otherwise we are just on impossible guesswork as you don’t want what steps you are doing.

Random guess: When files are grouped by album — MusicBrainz Picard v2.7.3 documentation

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@IvanDobsky is into it as always.

If it’s still exploding your head then we can hop on a video chat and have a look @bsacco2, as an alternative option.

that would be great! I’m in CALIF on pacific time.

You can send me an email via my profile: Editor “aerozol” - MusicBrainz
And we’ll find out a time (or do it now)

Usually I would say just hop on twitch and I’ll be on there, but I’m doing client work that I can’t just stream to the world at the moment unfortunately :laughing:

I can’t find your email address. Please advise. bob

Just sent you an email using the ‘send email’ button on your profile here: