Error: deleted credits are still showing in author DB

Sally Green has two Edition Groups credited in her DB, which were deleted in 2015: and

For some reason they haven’t disappeared, is there any way of removing them?

This one as well:
J. K. Rowling: with (deleted 2019)

Having read the information, maybe they just remain in the database.

Deleted entities do remain in the database in some form; as you see, visiting the page shows the deleted edition and its revision history (which will allow us to un-delete it once that feature is implemented).

However, that they are still showing in the author’s relationships is not normal.
There was a bug that has been corrected, but I yet have to fix the orphaned relationships in the database.
I tread lightly when it comes to executing a script that will modify hundreds of entries in the database…

Thanks for reporting these examples though, it’ll be useful for the process!

Here’s the ticket where we’re tracking this: BB-459


You might like this one as well: and