Error decoding audio frame during fingerprint calculation. Submitting sound files?

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I’m using your newest windows binary fpcalc.exe from to calculate the fingerprints for my mp3. Sometimes, I get a

ERROR: Error decoding audio frame (Invalid data found when processing input)

Where can I submit such files to check them?


You can check them with a free programme called MP3val. For a GUI, you may also want to download MP3val-frontend from the same website. Although MP3val can repair various kinds of structural errors, it cannot repair corrupt audio data inside a frame. Even so, patching a broken MP3’s structure might enable fpcalc to fingerprint the file well enough for matching purposes.

Alternatively, if you tell fpcalc to use a shorter length for analysis, you might be able to avoid the broken frames and generate a less precise fingerprint.

Whether you limit fpcalc or repair your files, please don’t submit AcoustIDs of broken files to the database! I know you wouldn’t do this on purpose, but I felt I must mention it. :slight_smile:


With the newest available fpcalc.exe (v1.4.3) the above error message was never seen again.

This is just a hint for other users (Picard? 3rd party?) to update the fpcalc.exe too.