Error: CAA JSON error: SSL handshake failed

I know there are issues with CAA and no art is uploading but when in Picard everything I add has a red disc and the info says

CAA JSON error: SSL handshake failed

And no art work is showing up.

When I go into the debug log, I see it says index out of range for every song.

Unless you go into each song with something like Mp3tag and fix the tags, no album in Picard is not saving any songs.

I’m on the latest stable version and see old issues like this from 2016 and 2019.

Is the fix just to remove CAA as one of the corver art providers?

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Just started seeing this myself for the first time…I’m guessing API changes are to blame and Picard just needs to catch up maybe? No idea…that or a bad cert somewhere isn’t getting replaced?

Would like to know what can be done, I’ve been seeing it for a couple weeks now.