Error at Starting the server with plackup -Ilib -r

Hi everyone.
I´m writting this topic because I´m working in install an own musicbrainz server in my VirtualMachine, and I have problems at the end of the installation when I try to start the server with the command: plackup -Ilib -r
The error that appears in the terminal is the next one:

And in the browser appears:

I have read the similar topics but I havent seen any like this.
Thanks a lot!

Just to be sure:
You know that you can download a ready-to-use Virtual Machine including the MusicBrainz Server?

Yes that was my first choice but I started this other way because it spent a lot of time building the indexes. I can continue that but here arent any differences between the two servers?
Thanks a lot!

AFAIK the “MusicBrainz Search Server” is also already included in the ready-to-use VM.
Without it, all your searches are executed from the online Search Server here at MB.

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