[<entity>:<mbid>|<name>] links

Is there any particular reason that usage of this feature is not documented? I am referring to https://tickets.metabrainz.org/browse/MBS-8803.

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Maybe it has been first added as an experimental feature and not been documented since then.
Anyway, it will be replaced with Markdown, see: https://tickets.metabrainz.org/browse/OTHER-77


I am aware of that ticket (which is 7 years old BTW).

I was asking, however, why the current state of the system is undocumented. It does not seem a big deal to do.

@insolite, if you’re good in English, you could actually add it to the wiki. :wink:

@insolite: The short answer is “no particular reason”, AFAIK. It is just a very low priority (as explained above).

Edit: @jesus2099, the linked bug is about editing UI, not just the wikidoc. (It should be still easy though.)

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Alright, UX is very low priority. Duly noted.

Not at all. This hidden, soon-obsolete, already-replaceable syntax is not a priority.

Note: replaceable with [https://musicbrainz.org/<entity>/<mbid>|name]


Which finely demonstrates your attitude to UX.

Still not, because it is easier to copy/paste entity page URL (which is in the form https://musicbrainz.org/<entity>/<mbid>) from the MB website to enter the above replacement rather than to extract MBID and entity type out of it to enter [<entity>:<mbid>|name].

I concede that many tickets are very old, much older than my own involvement into this project. Worse, most tickets have not been clearly prioritized. I have just labelled the ticket you mentioned with low priority and good first bug, rather than won’t do since it is open to volunteers.

Last, current priorities are based last year MB user survey and serve the ongoing UX redesign.


Then probably I misinterpreted the “hidden, soon-obsolete, already-replaceable” words which are somewhat dismissive to be honest. I am sorry this got on the wrong foot.

How do I exactly volunteer to address the ticket?


On the ticket page https://tickets.metabrainz.org/browse/MBS-8803:

  • log in (in the top right corner), sign up if you do not have an account (SSO is planned),
  • self-assign the ticket (by clicking “Assign to me” in the right-sided column).

Pull requests are welcome to https://github.com/metabrainz/musicbrainz-server/