Emoji in post titles... 😢

so, I was making a post in General Chatter, an was disappointed to get this notification when I hit “post”

while I can definitely understand a limitation on how many emoji can be in the title in most categories, I feel it should be higher in General Chatter…

I’m thinking 4-6 in General and 2 anywhere else? :pray:


I didn’t know this limitation but I completely agree with 1 emoji maximum. :slight_smile:
For the sake of topic list legibility.

We can creatively work-around that by using text smileys, like:

Raaahhh! Why can’t I have more smileys!!!? (ノ ゜Д゜)ノ 彡┻━┻



yeah, but 2-4 emoji would allow us to spruce up topics we wanna highlight, such as

:sparkles:Artists I love​:sparkles:

Golden quotes :speech_balloon::trophy:

:warning: Someone’s trying to delete ABBA again :warning:

just a couple totally hypothetical examples… :grin:

also I can imagine in the near future we’ll have more artists and other entities with emoji in their names, and we couldn’t mention them in the post title if they’ve got more than one.

even if we decide to only up the limit for General Chatter, I’d be happy~


But general chatter topics are intertwined with other category topics (except muted categories), ordered by date, in my main page.