Embedded artwork or not,

Hello All,
I am brand new to using M/Picard (ver 2.10) and using music tags.
I am interested in embedding the artwork with the music files.
Looking at M/Picard how do I know if the artwork shown in the bottom right hand corner is embedded artwork or loaded from a separate file?
As I do have nearly every cover picture to go with my songs
Is there a way that I can instruct M/Picard to embed the pictures into all my music file? then save it?
Thanks for reading my post.

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Currently you can’t really see where the artwork is sourced from. If you move the file to the left pane of unmatched files and the file still shows this cover art, then this is embedded.

If it is on the right and it is showing two cover art boxes “New Cover Art” and “Original Cover Art” it would mean that the file has “Original Cover Art” embedded.

Otherwise you don’t really see which is the source of the new cover art. You can check the options in Options > Cover Art to get an idea. If “Embed cover images into tags” and “Save cover images as separate files” are both disabled then Picard does not even get cover art from any of the cover art providers, so in this case the art would come from the files. Same is true if any or both of these options are enabled but no provider in “Cover Art Providers”.

If at least one of the options is enabled then Picard tries to fetch cover art from the active “Cover Art Providers”, going through them from top to bottom until one gives back artwork. The “Local Files” provider attempts to load cover art files from the folder where the files are located in.

Yes. To enable embedding cover art into the files enable “Embed cover images into tags” and at least one of the cover art providers. Cover Art Archive is recommended, but there are also plugins that provide additional cover art providers (e.g. Fanart.tv, TheAudioDB or Amazon).

If you enable this be careful before saving and check the new / original cover art. Currently Picard will always use the new one, even if the existing cover has higher resolution.


Thank you Philipp for the information, it was very much appreciated,I have spent a long time looking at this. :+1: