Email notification settings?

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Now, I love Discourse and I love the new setup, it’s gotten me more involved than ever (aka I only ever lurked really in the old forum) and the mobile support is fantastic. Having said that, I really, REALLY can’t stand getting like 15+ emails in a row from a single topic that I’m subscribed to. I’m not too familiar with Discourse so maybe I just haven’t found the right configuration; I want to be emailed on topics I’m following, to be sure, but ONE email per new posting is quite enough for me to know there’s unread activity in a discussion. It seems like getting emailed every single post or getting zero emails is a pretty extreme spectrum. Where’s the middle? People don’t always @mention each other during a discussion, which is to be expected. One email per update between visits and marking a thread read is quite enough, thank you.


You could consider changing the setting of “When I don’t visit here, send an email digest of what’s new” to something like daily or hourly, and deactivating “Send me an email for every new post (unless I mute the topic or category)”.

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I had considered that, but I basically don’t visit regularly, I visit when the topics I marked have new content…that’s kind of my reason for coming in; as such, it’s really nice to get notified of a new reply in a topic I’m following. It’s just weird because it’s basically standard web forum behavior since the late 90’s…you subscribe to a topic or watch a thread, and you get an email when there’s something new in there. Getting a separate email for each and every new post, containing the entire discussion in my inbox, is not really a good model for me. So I guess my only option is a non-specific digest, or no emails at all. Well, thank you for the idea :slight_smile:

  • uncheck Send me an email for every new post (unless I mute the topic or category)
  • select never for Include previous replies at the bottom of emails

It is my case. Not yours, not the default?


Oddly enough, I still get emails for every new post, I have had that option unchecked since I created the account. C’est la interweb.


I really dislike forums where I have to visit the web page to read all replies. I far prefer getting all the replies to my mailbox and I can open up the thread’s page if there’s anything I need to reply to.

Also note that it will Soon™ be possible to reply to topics by replying to your mail notification of it, and may even become possible to start new topics by sending an e-mail to the forum.

But yeah, I have no advice to add that hasn’t already been offered. :slight_smile: Try playing around with digest settings and report back here if you find something that works for you.