Eligibility Discussion - DVD Films with Music Video Bonus Content

OK, so here’s a strange one for us to think about or consider.

Many DVD’s (and blu-rays) produced over the the decades have included various bits of bonus content (extra content, special features etc) which are mostly not eligible for MusicBrainz, however some DVDs I’ve encountered feature a music video (which usually ties into the movie) as one of these bits of bonus content.

Would this mean we can add those DVD’s to the database, with an entry for the music video?


You mean film DVD and Blu-ray discs?
Because there are already many music videos (DVD, Blu-ray and even some VHS and LD) in MB, hopefully.

I focus on music releases, like concerts or music videos.
I find it would be a pity to have MB recordings for films, just to be able to include a bonus.

But go ahead of you want to have such a release in your MB collection.

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Yes, definitely!

Not great for sure, but not any worse than the pointless recordings for data tracks on mixed mode CDs.