Elastic search ERROR

i encountered the following error while setting up bookbrainz-site manually, without use of docker ,
is there any addition setup required for Elastic search ?

Hi @endurance21!

If you are running the dependencies manually (as opposed to running them with Docker), you’ll need to install ElasticSearch and have it set up and running before you start the Bookbrainz site.
We don’t have much instructions to do so as it depends on your operating system, but you will find the required version number and a couple of helpful links here: https://github.com/bookbrainz/bookbrainz-site/blob/master/DEPENDENCIES_MANUAL_INSTALL.md#elasticsearch

Once it is installed, make sure it is running (it can take a while for ES to start properly; on my machine 30-45 seconds, but it could be longer).
To check, you can visit http://localhost:9200 in your browser and you should see a few lines of version and cluster information once it is running.

Once it’s running, try starting the BookBrainz website again !


Ah, I see another issue with the configuration:
You’ll want to make a copy of config/config.local.json.example and rename it to remove “.example”.

Then modify the file as described in https://github.com/bookbrainz/bookbrainz-site#configuration, and use this command to run the website:
npm start -- --config config/config.local.json

With this command you are passing that new file as the configuration, which points to localhost:9200 for elasticsearch instead of elasticsearch:9200 (in docker you can access containers by their name directly). Same thing goes for postgres.


hey @monkeyDo !
why i am getting cluster name of elasticsearch of docker ,
i have set config files outside docker with my cluster name “mycluster1”
but instead it is showing the cluster name of that is inside of docker???

Well, that I don’t know.
How did you install ES? What OS are you running on, and what instructions did you follow?
What is your configuration file?

You could do a global search on your computer for ‘docker-cluster’, to see if it’s in some other configuration file.


I got the solution btw :sweat_smile:.
Actually two services were there of elastic search on my Ubuntu.
So I needed to stop one on the docker side to start another outside of docker.

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