[Edited] Can't modify tags from scripts - Add a release to MB database

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I like downloading songs from Jamendo, but most of the time they are not in the MB database.

They are usually mostly tagged properly (Some missing tags here and there). In my renaming script I want to copy the artist field to the albumartist if it’s empty, but the data is not copied upon saving.


I see ‘test1’ in my path when I press CTRL+S, but the albumartist field is not populated.

Also, I enabled the option to remove all other fields (replay gain :slight_smile:), but tracks on the left side are not affected by this option.

Any idea how I can fix this easily? I have too many songs to add everything to the database right now even though I think it would be the best approach.


The renaming script is for modifying the file name, it has no affect on the tags written.

For manipulating tags add a script to Options > Scripts. For data loaded from MusicBrainz (right column) these scripts are run automatically if active. If you want to apply it to files without matching to MusicBrainz data you have to run it manually by right clicking in the files and selecting your script under Run scripts…

Also consider adding the missing releases to MusicBrainz instead. The Picard plugin “Add Cluster as Release” can help with that. This way you can easily retag your files later and everybody else profits as well :slight_smile:


I never saw the Add Cluster as release :open_mouth: <3 that will make this so much easier!


Couple of questions:

  • Is it useful if I “scan” the tracks to have an AcoustID before using the plugin?
    Also, MusicBrainz should have fields for genres, moods, bpm and license information… :frowning:

Jamendo music are CC Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 licensed, where do I put this? In Additional information > Annotation?

I did it that way here: https://musicbrainz.org/release/08bbde1b-7f22-4650-ad48-82e6c9c852d2
If someone can tell me if I made a mistake before I continue tagging Jamendo music :smiley:

  • Tagging it, the copyright notice is gone. I believe it’s important to have that when provided. Any way to tell MB to put that tag?

Thanks :smiley:
(Sorry lots of edits)

For licenses, you can link it from the CC website while editing the release (or recordings or works) instead of the annotation as it’s not machine-readable. I put the link in Edit #62565075. For the genres, moods, bpm, etc. I believe there’s a plug-in for it.


Oh thanks I’ll try it tomorrow see if I can do it too :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks for your help

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Genres can be added as folksonomy tags to artists, release groups, releases, recordings and works. If you look at e.g. any release group you will see “Genres” and “Other tags” on the right column. You can add any tag here. If it is in the list of tags MusicBrainz recognizes as genres it will show up in the genre list.